The Superior Labor

Our Market began out of a love for The Superior Labor.

The Superior Labor flagship brand is tucked away in the hills of Okayama Japan. There, husband and wife team Makoto and Yoshimi guide a team of master artisans and designers through the ethical production of beautiful utilitarian lifestyle products that are carefully stitched by hand. Each product is designed to highlight the characteristics of the raw materials, primarily fine leather and canvas.

Their goods aren’t flashy. The simple, minimal approach lets the material and care in design shine through – and it shines through every stitch. Their dedication to absolute craftsmanship, tactility, and quality made us fall in love, and we knew we needed to carry them in our Market.

With the spring sun’s reappearance and the temperature outside slowly creeping up, we’re reminded of the Market Tote we designed in partnership with The Superior Labor – a product we’re thrilled to have on our shelves.

Market Tote Bag

After careful contemplation, we presented the idea of a flower bag to the owners of The Superior Labor as our first collaborative venture. Remotely, we exchanged a few sketches and within a short period, we were holding the first prototype and fawning over its impeccable craft.

The tote is crafted of durable yet gentle canvas material that softens with time, and hand-cut leather strapping for handles. It’s rigid, yet soft, and lays flat when open; we delicately designed it to carry flowers, but accommodate objects of a variety of shapes and sizes.  Items of almost unlimited length (architectural drawings, baguettes, carrots, etc.) can be securely carried with the help of the cleverly-designed adjustable sides of the tote. The leather straps are removable to allow for ease of care and washing.

We hope you love the Market Tote Bag as much as we do, and we hope to see you taking the tote out for a spin at all the amazing local farmer’s markets this season – hopefully filling it with flowers, ripe produce, and fresh baking.