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Linen & Towers

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Ten to Sen Double Gauze Face TowelTen to Sen Double Gauze Face Towel
Herringbone Weaving Gauze Mini-TowelHerringbone Weaving Gauze Mini-Towel
Herringbone Weaving Gauze Face TowelHerringbone Weaving Gauze Face Towel
Hale Tea TowelHale Tea Towel
Hale Tea Towel Sale price$29.00 CAD
Sennokoto Embroidery Linen Lunch ParcelSennokoto Embroidery Linen Lunch Parcel
Imbari Gauze Wash TowelImbari Gauze Wash Towel
Imbari Gauze Wash Towel Sale price$11.00 CAD
Gauze Lunch ParcelGauze Lunch Parcel
Gauze Lunch Parcel Sale price$30.00 CAD
Imbari Gauze Face TowelImbari Gauze Face Towel
Imbari Gauze Face Towel Sale price$20.00 CAD
Herringbone Weaving Gauze Mini-Towel (Thin)Herringbone Weaving Gauze Mini-Towel (Thin)
Komon Double Gauze TowelKomon Double Gauze Towel
Komon Double Gauze Towel Sale price$13.00 CAD
Linen Napkins - Set of 2Linen Napkins - Set of 2
Flax Linen Organics TowelFlax Linen Organics Towel
Flax Linen Organics Towel Sale priceFrom $20.00 CAD
Mitsou KAYA Kitchen Cloth S - Sax GrayMitsou KAYA Kitchen Cloth S - Sax Gray
Sponge for GrillSponge for Grill
Sponge for Grill Sale price$6.00 CAD
Herringbone Weaving Gauze Towel MufflerHerringbone Weaving Gauze Towel Muffler
Linen Placemat - Set of 2Linen Placemat - Set of 2
Veggie Dish Cloth - GreenVeggie Dish Cloth - Green
Veggie Dish Cloth - Green Sale price$22.00 CAD
Lively Kitchen Dish Cloth - Light GreenLively Kitchen Dish Cloth - Light Green
Shrinkage Gauze TowelsShrinkage Gauze Towels
Shrinkage Gauze Towels Sale priceFrom $16.50 CAD
Veggie Dish Cloth - PurpleVeggie Dish Cloth - Purple
Lively Kitchen Dish Cloth - PinkLively Kitchen Dish Cloth - Pink
Linen50 Kitchen TowelLinen50 Kitchen Towel
Linen50 Kitchen Towel Sale price$43.00 CAD
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