Add a Little Fun to Your Desk

Bright colours, quirky characters, and beautiful quality are all trademarks of the Spanish stationery company, MILAN.

Since 1918, MILAN has been known for its creative and innovative spirit. It all began with a simple eraser – specifically, the soft eraser for pencil. They manufactured the eraser using a synthetic rubber, and the product is still one of their mainstay products today. Their next big product was the pink cellophane-wrapped Nata 624, or the first eraser made from plastic resin.

Fast forward, and MILAN is producing more than 80 different models of erasers, securing their spot as the world’s leading rubber eraser manufacturer. Our creative team leans on MILAN eraser during the drafting process, and during our spare time moonlighting as artists – nothing erases quite like it.

They also make other stationery items – like graphite and mechanical pencils, pens, coloured pencils, pencil sharpeners, and more – that are ready to add colour to your pencil cases and desk drawers. Their writing instruments are fun and designed to fit perfectly in your hand so that your creativity can flow freely and, of course, their pencils feature their signature eraser.

We love the way MILAN brightens up our shelves – from their bold and playful colours to the more pared back pastels. Shop the collection in-store, or browse on our website. Here are a few of our favourites:

Milan Pastel Sharpener and Eraser
Milan Compact Sunset Pen
Milan Electric Pencil Sharpener