Moments of Quiet with Kinto

The ritual of making coffee is something we hold close –

Grinding your newly roasted beans so they’re as fresh as possible

Boiling your water to the exact right temperature 

Slowly pouring the water over the grounds, watching them dance and mingle together

The anticipation of sinking down into the couch, wrapped in your favourite wool blanket and cupping the warmth emanating from your mug.

You pause for a moment before that first sip, letting the steam from your mug envelop your face and warm the tip of your nose that always seems to be too cold. You take one last deep inhale before bringing the mug to your lips, and then – an interruption. 

Your phone buzzes with an urgent request, a moment of panic sets in as you remember something you were supposed to do, or your children shriek in an octave that signals that they’re having a problem only you can solve.

So what happens to the buildup, or to the masterpiece of your meticulous labour? It sits on the coffee table, losing heat and some of its magic with every passing minute. You know you’ll get to it eventually, but it won’t be the same – coffee that’s cooled off or been shamefully microwaved just doesn’t quite revive you the same way a cup of freshly brewed roast does. 

We want to elevate and extend those quiet moments, where everything stands still around you despite your towering to-do list. Those moments of being decidedly unhurried are meant to be savoured and revered, not rushed through. Our collection of Kinto tumblers are artfully designed to elevate your coffee ritual – and the double wall and vacuum seal prevent heat transfer so that your quiet moment of reprieve is still complemented with hot coffee, even when it’s a few hours later than planned.

Kinto Day Off Tumbler - 500ml
Kinto Travel Tumbler - 500ml
Kinto Travel Tumbler - 350ml
Kinto To Go Tumbler - 360ml