The Magic of Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ market season is something special. Artisans, farmers, and business owners all gather together to proudly showcase their goods crafted straight from their fingertips. The produce carts overflow with fresh greens, beets, zucchini, and so much more – and it all tastes one hundred times better than anything you could pick up at your grocery store.

Market-goers eagerly scour the site, in search of ingredients for their dinner – and maybe a couple extra pieces along the way – in an activity that is quintessentially summer.

The Retractable Bag Purse from The Superior Labor is our go-to companion for our farmers’ market runs. The shopping bag folds neatly into a hand-painted canvas purse that also features a separate zippered pouch for your change, credit card, keys, and anything else you need to carry. And, the whole shopping bag is created from a water-repellent fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.