Morning Rituals

Though we like to stay as present as possible, when August rolls around we find ourselves looking toward the fall. Fall always seems to be a rebirth of sorts, an opportunity to reset and start fresh with healthier habits and a clearer mind. After a summer of pressing snooze and sneaking out the door in a rush – not to mention the vacation days littered throughout July and August to ruin any sense of routine – we’re refocusing on structuring our mornings more positively.

Here are three practices we’re looking to incorporate into our morning rituals:

Take focused time to set your intentions

Turning off your alarm and immediately opening your emails or scrolling through Instagram doesn’t set the stage very well for the rest of your day. Instead, we like to take dedicated time to actively ignore our phones, and think about what we’d like the day to look like and what we’d like to accomplish. Because we’re analogue-lovers at heart, this is often accompanied by picking up our favourite notebook and jotting down our priorities and must-dos.

And, of course, we often pair this morning ritual with a steaming cup of coffee or our favourite tea.

Take 5 minutes to practice gratitude journaling

We are big believers in regularly practicing and expressing our gratitude. Making this a morning ritual helps prime you to feel grateful and appreciative of all the little joyful moments and instances that make you smile. This practice, unlike making long to-do lists or working through emails, is decidedly positive and sets the tone for more great things to happen as you move through your day.

Go for a walk

Getting your body moving and blood flowing helps energize you for the day – no matter the length. Pick a friend to walk with (either furry or a person!) and make a daily routine of it. We like to go for a shorter morning walk during the week, and then extend to a longer walk to our local coffee shop on weekends (taking our favourite Kinto travel mugs with us, of course).