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Article: A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

Idyllic day trips to the beach, spent sprawling in the sand and soaking up the sun are common for us in July and August. We’re lucky enough to be a quick drive up to Birds Hill Park and Winnipeg Beach, and we try to take advantage of the short travel time as much as we can. Nothing refreshes the soul and feeds our creativity better than unwinding with the wind in our hair and the sound of waves crashing around us. All of our troubles seem to instantly melt away as soon as our feet touch the sand in a moment of pure bliss.

Here is what is always in-tow on our way to the beach:

A Bag that Can Carry Everything

A big bag to hold all of our beach necessities is a must for us. We love how large The Superior Labor tote bags are – they can even double as your luggage for a weekend away. The canvas is also very durable, which means the tote will last for lots of summers to come.

The Superior Labor Engineer Shoulder Bag

The Superior Labor Camp Bag

Something Cold to Drink

At the cottage or on the beach is where a refreshing drink seems to taste the best. We like to pick up a bottle of something thirst-quenching – a light-bodied white wine or a cider does the trick (we’re really loving Next Friend Cider – make sure you keep an eye out for their next release!).

A Waterproof Pouch to Hold Your Wet Bathing Suit

Keep the rest of the items in your beach bag dry, even when you shed your wet bathing suit and store it away. This pouch from Hightide is made of a durable PVC to keep all the water contained.

Hightide Waterproof Bag

A Good Book

Though we’re often running around with little time to sit and relax, when time slows a bit and our other responsibilities are put on hold we love to leaf through a good book. Do you have a beach read recommendation? We’d love to hear it.

A Water bottle

Admittedly, drinking enough water every day is not one of our strong suits. But when we step away from our desks and into the fresh air, we like to make sure we pack a water bottle. We opt for the 500 ml version of the Kinto water bottle as our beach go-to – the scratch-resistant copolyester material holds up well against the grains of sand.

Kinto Water Bottle


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