5 Ways to Make Every Day a Little Better

Our collection of goods all centre around one thing: making every day better by adding a little something extra to the rituals and routines of everyday living. So today, we thought we would share some of our favourite ways to add a little bit of extra joy to our day. 

Make time for something you love

All too often, the things we love to do are overtaken by things we have to do or feel like we should be doing. Starting the book that’s been sitting, ready to open on your nightstand takes a backseat to vacuuming your living room or running yet another load of laundry. 

But we want to challenge you to push back against the nagging voice in your head that tells you to sweep instead of sketch, and dedicate a little bit of time to yourself.

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Slow down, and ground yourself 

Before diving head-first into the sea of emails that has flooded your inbox overnight, take some time to outline your intentions and priorities for the day. It’s easy to feel frazzled when you feel like all your actions are reactive; spending a few minutes planning your course of action helps cut through the noise and make the whole day feel calmer. 

How you set your intentions is up to you – but we like to write a list, using our favourite pen on our favourite paper. While we're admittedly biased to going analogue, there are actually cognitive benefits to putting pen to paper instead of thumbs to phone screen. Apparently, writing your to-do list on paper makes you more likely to complete the tasks on your list – and also makes it easier to remember what’s on the list. 

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Change up your routine 

Routines can be great – they can give you a sense of what to expect in the day and a sense of calm and familiarity. But routines can also make you feel like you’re stuck. Instead of reliving the same routine over and over like you’re stuck in Groundhog Day (remember that movie?), try changing one small part of your daily ritual. But – now here’s the kicker – make it deliberate. Choose a piece of your day to change that you feel isn’t serving you, and make an active decision to try something different. 

Does mindlessly scrolling through your phone while watching tv bring you joy, or could it be replaced by something else like gratitude journaling.

Traveler's Notebook

Go for a walk, maybe with a coffee or tea

There's nothing quite as soul-nourishing as taking a walk in the sun with a warm mug of tea or coffee. The warmth starts from your hands and emanates through your whole body, until you're warm all the way to your bones, while moving your body can help make you feel more energized. Grab your favourite bag – like one of our new striped bags from The Superior Labor’s spring collection – to sling over your shoulder and house all the things you collect on your adventures

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Write a letter to a friend

Brighten your day by brightening someone else’s. Do you remember the days where your mailbox wasn’t full of bills and flyers? And the joy you feel when your name is handwritten on an envelope in a script you instantly recognize as coming from someone near and dear to your heart? It’s hard to understand exactly why letter-writing has slowly declined, especially when reminded of the thrill of receiving a letter. 

So, we want to invite you to take a small part of your day to reach out to a loved one. The letter doesn’t need to be formal or extremely thought out – in fact, the idea of mailing a letter just to say hi feels even sweeter. 

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