Ceramic Masterpieces for Everyday Use

Our beautiful selection of Kata Kata dishes are each so full of character, craft, and whimsey. Each unique piece in the collection steals a little part of our hearts every time we catch a glimpse of the wolf dish on our shelves, use the whale as a catch-all, or serve our loved ones something special in the dandelion bowl. While this collection is extremely beautiful, what’s even more special is the story behind the handmade ceramics..

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The patterns on the dishes are created using the katazome method – a Japanese stencil dyeing technique. The design is carefully mapped out and carved into a special piece of paper called shibugami, which is then soaked in a persimmon tannin concoction to make it resistant to water so that it is able to be washed and reused. Then, the stencil is pressed against the ceramic piece and rice paste is forced through the holes in the stencil. The paste creates a barrier so that when dye is later applied to the piece, the sections covered in paste remain the natural colour of the ceramic. When the paste is dry, the artist carefully paints the dye to create their masterpiece. After the dye has had time to cure, the rice paste is carefully washed off to reveal the bold patterns. 

The works – each one a masterpiece in itself – are wrapped up tightly before making the long trip from Japan to our market in the middle of Canada, before they find their place in your home.

We hope you love these beautiful pieces as much as we do!