Home Office Tools to Help Check Things Off Your To-Do List

Working from home definitely has its perks – like staying in your pjs until noon, having The Office play in the background, and puppy cuddles between meetings. But sometimes, working from home can put a damper on your productivity.

Today, we wanted to share a few of our favourite work-from-home tools and why we love them. Whether you’re writing letters, doing your taxes, or sending out invoices, here are our favourite  little tools that make it easier to get things done – and hopefully a little more enjoyable too.

A Good Notebook

We’re analogue people at heart, so a beautifully designed, functional notebook has to be the first thing on our list. What we look for in a notebook is the layout of the pages, the quality of the paper, and the durability of the cover. Then, it comes down to personal preference – lined, dotted, gridded, or plain paper.

Our team all loves different notebooks for different tasks – and we often have several going at once so we can sub in something new when the mood strikes. One that has been a mainstay for many members of our team is the Maruman Mnemosyne line of notebooks – each page includes a place for the date and a title, which makes it the perfect companion for all your meetings.

Your Pen of Choice

A pen might seem like a no-brainer for your work-from-home setup, but this point on our list is more about choosing the right pen. The right pen for you sits perfectly in your hand, almost feeling like an extension of you, and effortlessly lets the ink flow from the tip onto your paper. It’s also important to think about how your pen interacts with your paper – does it bleed through the paper or smudge when you write? 

We love all the pens on our shelves, and tend to switch out our toolkit regularly, but these pens are always in our rotation.

Something to Keep you Organized

A desk covered in clutter isn’t conducive to a productive work environment. We like to add trays to our desk to serve as homes for all the stray objects – like extra pens, headphones, or pads of sticky notes. 


A Scented Candle

In an effort to make our home offices a place we want to spend time, we’ve recently added a scented candle as a fixture to our WFH setup. When unlit, it provides a subtle scent to keep you energized. Then, when a less-than-pleasant task comes our way, we opt to light the candle to make it feel like less of a chore.

We’re loving the Cypress & Fig candle from Baltic Club right now – it’s the perfect combination of pine needles, Greek figs, and cedar bark.  

What are your home office essentials?