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*TOKYO EDITION* - Postcard

Sale price$14.00 CAD


*Disclaimer: Due to an extremely limited stock, this item is sold at a limit of 1 per customer for the first release. Orders and customers exceeding this amount will receive a cancellation for the item and a refund.

The TOKYO EDITION collection consists of customized items that are designed with a focus on Tokyo, where TRAVELER'S COMPANY is based.

Each sheet in this refill can be transformed into a postcard by cutting along the perforated lines. Utilizing watercolor paper known for its durability, and water-resistance, you can sketch scenes from your travels, or write down your memories to share with others. 

This product is compatible with Traveler's Notebook Cover.

Postcard, 12 sheets(24 pages), Watercolor Paper (Saddle Stitched)

First Release: April

Second Release: ~ June-August

Dimension: 21 x 11 x 0.5 cm

Designed by Midori