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Stitched Notebook - Cordoba (A6 Slim)

Sale price$17.00 CAD

A compact notebook, expertly bound with a sewing machine for easy portability. The key content features bank paper, a dense and smooth stationery paper that ensures a fluid pen stroke. Known for its resistance to bleed-through, this paper is well-suited for use with fountain pens and boasts a distinctive "THREE DIAMONDS" watermark pattern. The cover is crafted from Cordoba vellum, a paper that strives to capture the unique smoothness and suppleness of leather. Complementing this, the endpaper is made of Biotope GA-FS Amber Red, a craft paper distinguished by its deep color and robust texture.

Dimensions: 85×145×5mm

Number of Pages: 88 pages

Made in Japan

Stitched Notebook - Cordoba (A6 Slim)
Stitched Notebook - Cordoba (A6 Slim) Sale price$17.00 CAD
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