Onionskin Letter Set


Presenting a letter set crafted from onion skin paper, characterized by its light, soft, and delicately wrinkled texture reminiscent of the thin skin of an onion. This paper harmonizes seamlessly with pencils, pens, and fountain pens, offering an appealing writing experience owing to its unique texture.

The envelope is fashioned from polcalaid paper, featuring a laid pattern adorned with colorful dust particles, creating a light and atmospheric effect. The envelope is available in two charming colors: meringue and lime. Additionally, the set includes a lined mount to facilitate easy and comfortable writing.


Letter paper: 210 x 148mm
Western 2 envelope: 162 x 114mm

Stationary: 20 Sheets

Envelopes: 6 Bags (3 Coloured, 3 White)

Ruled Paper: 1 Sheet


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