Onionskin Notebook


The primary content of this notebook features onion skin paper, renowned for its light and soft qualities reminiscent of the thin skin of an onion, along with a distinctive wrinkled feel. It complements pencils, pens, and fountain pens exceptionally well, providing a unique writing experience due to its textured surface. The cover is crafted from Satogami Sumi, a paper with a warm and gentle color that evokes the softness of felt. Connecting the cover and main paper is Sagan GA light gray, exhibiting a sandstone-like texture and offering a refreshing impression.

Dimensions 108×152×9mm

Number of Pages: 300

[Cover] Sato paper corner 46 size Y size 170kg
[Endpaper] Sagan GA light gray 46 size Y size 100kg
[Main text] Kate Joe Onion Skin
*TAKEO PAPER PRODUCTS original paper.

Made in Japan


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