Midori Letter Pad Kirei Lined (Vertical)

$10 CAD

Midori pride themselves on the quality and the integrity of their paper products, The Kirei Letter Pad is no exception. Made with the spectacular MD paper and sized to perfection, this letter pad is bound to impress the most seasoned letter writer. 

Kirei meaning 'beautiful',  is an elegant addition to any stationary lovers collection -- Sized to approx. 6.6"x 8.2 - neither an A5 or B5, the pad has been formulated by Midori to the perfect letter size. This beautiful letter pad guarantees a letter writing experience like no other.

Featuring 11 vertical lines for a clean and clear writing surface, as well as undetectable perforated sides for the perfect fold. This 30 sheet letter pad will be an instant classic in your stationary collection.

Grab a nice warm tea, your favourite fountain pen, and get cozy while you write your thoughts out on this dreamy pad.

Dimensions: Approx 6.6"x 8.2"

30 Sheets MD paper - 11 vertical lines - Perforated sides for folding

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