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Les Marchés Francais: Four Seasons of French Dishes from the Paris Markets

$30 CAD

In France, the best way to start dinner is to consult the market down the street. There, all of the country's flavours are at your fingertips: the Mediterranean, the French Alps, the Basque regions, and more. Brian DeFehr used the markets as inspiration to create dishes like the following, with photography throughout by Pauline Boldt:

  • Pear, Chestnut, and Radicchio salad
  • Braised Quails with Brussels Sprouts and Horseradish
  • Cherry Tomato and Basil Clafoutis
  • Seared Duck Breast and Caramelized Fennel
  • Crème Brulée with Lavender Infusion, and more!

All 72 dishes enclosed are gluten-free, though you'd never even know it, and easily adapted to suit the seasonal produce available to you. Gorgeous photos pepper the whole book, making for a beautiful and delicious escape.

Author: Brian Defehr & Pauline Boldt
Photography Pauline Boldt
Published: April 18, 2017
Publisher: Running Press
Language: English
Dimension:  L 9.25" x W 8.25" x D 1.125"

The following ISBNs are associated with this title:

ISBN: 9780762461110,

Ebook ISBN:978-0-7624-6111-0

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