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Cloth Notebook

Sale price$62.00 CAD

This meticulously crafted notebook features a well-designed binding and an impressive introduction. The focus of this piece is on Conqueror Wove, a stationery paper highly acclaimed internationally. The paper stands out for its seamless writing experience, superior texture, and sophisticated color palette. Notably, it boasts a watermark pattern with the "conqueror" insignia, ensuring top-notch paper quality. The cover is made of silk-like cloth, showcasing a distinctive woven pattern, complemented by a black bookmark string crafted from ribbon material. With ample space for note-taking, it is highly recommended for diaries, important records, and guest booklets.

Dimensions : 187×257×11mm
Number of Pages: 112 pages

[Cover] New Japan Color Shine Fujinezu No. 216 100×50m 170kg
[Endpaper] Moful Milk 46 size Y size 110kg
[Main text] Conqueror Wove High White 450×640T size 28.8kg

Made in Japan

Cloth Notebook
Cloth Notebook Sale price$62.00 CAD