The Superior Labor's Leather Zip Organizer

What does the inside of your bag look like? 

My carry-all bag is a gorgeous, faux leather bag that's stunning from the outside – though it's a total facade, only due to my own time spent (not) putting things in their rightful places, it’s pure chaos in there. In addition to this, the durability of this item doesn't hold up to the often extreme climates in my lovely homebase of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Enter the Superior Labor Zip Organizer. One of my personal favourite items from The Superior Labor that has made its way into my life for daily use. 

It’s large enough to hold an A5 notebook comfortably – I like the Midori slim collection since it gives me a little more room to cram more into my organizer; however at this point I should just take the hint already. Happy lives tend to be clutter-free. The less stuff we surround ourselves with, the less we need to worry about. Which is absolutely why I adore this organizer. It’s beautiful, takes all of my clutter away, and I have the perfect amount of necessities for my day-to-day life.

So, let’s get this out the way – it’s simply stunning. Originally, I’d thought that the mustard-hued yellow was TSL’s best organizer to date, however I’m now questioning if the matte-leather collection is ready to take that spot (in my own humble opinion). The matte collection isn’t a pebbled leather like their predecessors; it's a silky smooth cover that comes in a gorgeous green, royal blue, and a nice flat black. And, it’s real leather. Not only is this A5 size portable & a treat for the eyes, it can withstand the extreme weather Manitoba has to offer: no ripped seams, no tears, and no stiffness in the cold.

The inside of the organizer is hand-sewn with a smooth natural coloured leather, the left side has two pockets: one best suited for storing any important files, postcards, and photos, though the options are endless. The additional smaller pocket can hold a pen and pencil or business cards and has a lovely hand-stamped ID tag where you can personalize it with your name and return information in case it's lost in your travels. The right-hand side is a card holder and wallet-style zip pouch with a flat pocket, everything about this organizer is purposeful and intentional.

Additionally, I can slide my Midori planner/diary inside a space made just for this so it’s also deeply functional as a notebook cover, or for the bookworms out there, you can also use your current A5 sized novel.

So, while I may try my hardest to unintentionally throw everything in my bag, this organizer forces me to stop, take a breath and dutifully take the time to not only sort myself out but to create a sense of enjoyment in the purpose and intention of knowing what I’ve selected while it makes sense of my clutter in a meaningful way.

All my treasures can stay safe and zipped in, in their respective compartments protected from the outer elements. If you know Manitoba’s weather, well then you know we have one of the most extreme climates in terms of weather conditions – some days you get rain, snow, with some scorching sun, you just never know. However, the quality leather of the organizer takes all of this in stride: it ages beautifully and doesn’t deteriorate really, you may occasionally get a scuff from daily use, but the materials hold up due to the craftsmanship from TSL and the handmade practices they employ.

So, in short: TSL’s Leather Zip Organizer is functional and beautiful, which I feel only adds to the depth of my love and appreciation of this product. It’s perfect for day-to-day portability and organization, it's sized to accessorize most print books/planners, and the wallet function is incredible – especially if you’re a daily commuter, the less to carry the better, right?

Truthfully, you couldn’t ask for a better combination of aesthetic and functionality, which I have come to expect from The Superior Labor.