Introducing the Hang Together Collection

We are so excited to have The Superior Labor’s new Hang Together System on our shelves! This innovative collection lets you customize how you carry your everyday gear by starting with a leather strap and choosing your accessory pouches that best fit your needs.

The HTS collection strap is handmade of leather and the beautiful brass hardware The Superior Labor is known for, which means like all their products, it will only become more charming with time as the leather wears and tells stories of the adventures you took it on. The strap is also equipped with a carabiner-style clip to hold the accessory pouches you choose and keep everything secure, and is an adjustable length.

Then it’s time for the fun part – choosing which accessory pouches to add. We have four options to choose from, each with its own distinct function.

HTS Wallet

The wallet has four slots for your most-used credit and debit cards, as well as a zip pocket for coins.

HTS ID Pouch

This leather ID pouch is perfect for keeping your ID card easily accessible. 

HTS Key Holder

Brass fixtures hold your keys in place and organized.

HTS Mobile Phone Holder

Keep your phone snug and secure wherever you go. It also has a pocket for a credit or debit card.