For Your Inner Traveler

The majority of my blogging tends to lend itself to new arrivals at the market and how I’ve happily enmeshed those new items into my day-to-day living. So, writing about the Traveler’s Notebook is quite exciting because this product line is not new to me, and it’s such a fun wormhole to go down & share with you all! 

I hope that those of you who are not familiar with the Traveler’s Company will enjoy them as much as I do. This line is amazing for how customizable it is without being complicated; very much a choose-your-own-adventure product, so its namesake is perfectly suited to this idea.


As we ring in the new season, I find it’s such a neat time for so many things. Speaking for myself, I find that it’s a time of hyper-awareness – aware of my intentions for the year, aware of creating and maintaining routines to guide myself gracefully throughout, aware of my school workload ahead, aware that I need to carve out time for self care and enjoyment for myself/my family. Aware that balancing everything can be so hard sometimes. One of my favourite tools to organise myself with is the Traveler’s notebook. While I do use a daily planner as well, the Traveler’s Notebook can also be that (I prefer to use mine as a ‘fun’ planner and as a space for creativity and planning the extracurriculars on my to-do list). 

To start, I really really like the leather cover as my preferred notebook cover; it’s durable, customizable (you can paint it & sew on embellishments), and it will patina beautifully over time. However, if you aren’t a fan of leather there’s a cotton zip cover as well. The leather covers come in a range of colours, my favourite is either Camel or the Indigo Blue; while the cotton covers come in an eye-catching Coral or a dark Olive, between these two I find it impossible to choose which I like best. And, once you’ve filled your inserts there’s the cutest (and also customizable) kraft coloured binders, ready to store those memories created and logged in our notebook inserts.

The range of uses for the inserts are basically limitless: lined pages, free diary options, weekly and monthly setups, as well as specialty 2022 planners (weekly, monthly, and memo options) for the user who is primarily writing-inclined with their notebook. That’s personally not me, only because I enjoy the separation of work and play with my planning and organization.


I’m drawn more to the artistic side of things and really enjoy the watercolour paper for practicing and watching my progression of technique, or the kraft paper insert for both sketching or jotting down ideas for future projects. This is also great for stickers, small photos, drawings, and clippings. Plus, anyone who knows me is well aware: I’m a huge fan of dot grid or simple gridded paper anyday, lined or blank is okay but gridded tends to be my go to. So the dot grid paper is my go to for notes and ideas, hangman games or X’s & O’s, or for keeping notes for future scheming.


Users who enjoy the thrill of traveling and/or are sentimental with tiny mementos are covered as well – all of the above can be used for any desired purpose but there are some special inserts made for you if you find yourself in this category. There’s the double-sided stickers to create a scrapbook, or the pocket sticker insert to attach card sized tidbits, or a variety of folders, zipper pouches, and sticker pockets to be used for carrying those special moments with you. These also hold onto any clippings, pamphlets, and flat treasures that you’ll find along the way.

Finally, for those of you who prefer to carry everything together, Traveler's Notebook has you covered. Again, the inserts tend to be quite versatile in how you can choose to use them, so be creative! The inserts mentioned above can be used in your favourite ways, don’t let suggested uses fool you; kraft folders, business card holders, sticky notes, etc. are quite easy to integrate into a day-to-day planner extraordinaire. The zipper pouches lend themselves well to any stationery tools that accompany you in your daily travels, while the sticker pockets are one of my favourite multi-use inserts. The pocket stickers are incredible for sneaking in extra storage space into the inside of the leather covers for your files, appointment reminders, completed artwork, etc.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Traveler’s Notebook comes in a smaller passport size, perfectly suited for a pocket or a day bag, so if the regular size doesn’t speak to you -- we’ve got you covered. So while I’ve carved out my own purpose and intentions with my Traveler’s Notebook (regular size), I invite you to join the club. Stay organized and have fun while doing it, it’s so so fun and equally easy to really make this simple notebook your own.


*Customized Traveler's Notebook photographed. Please make your Traveler's Notebook and make it your own!