Dream. Plan. Do - 2022 Planner Guide

As 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to buy a new planner and get prepared for next year. Paper planners help you keep track of tasks, appointments, ideas, and more. Depending on the layout of the planner you see the week or month all at once, in a clear and legible way. 

Picking a planner comes down to personal preference, whether you like to keep track of every detail or just jot a few reminder notes. Some planners have an organized layout, making space to write all your tasks. Other planners have extra papers at the back for notes, to-do lists, and doodles. The size of your planner is important too. You need enough space for jottings but in a book that can easily fit in their backpack. 

26 Market’s 2022 planners have just arrived, here are some of our top picks to check out: 

Planner 1: The Jibun BIZ

Best For: People who keep track of EVERYTHING

Layout: Monthly + Daily

Format: Dated 

Log your life. The Jibun BIZ consists of three separate booklets: a 2022 Diary for planning out daily schedules and to-do lists, a LIFE booklet for all the important notes like phone numbers and passwords and an IDEA booklet for free-writing and thinking. 

The Jibun BIZ is a planner created with both style and function in mind. The modest, simplistic design and lay-flat binding allow you to take it everywhere and write on any surface. The two-page spread gives a week glance at all your important dates, there is additional space to record daily rituals. Keep track of where you are in the planner with a two ribbon bookmark.

For fun, the Jibun Biz planner has additional sections, featuring a world time zone map, Japanese transit maps, yearly schedules, project management charts, and checklists for books, movies, promises, and recommendations.

The Jibun BIZ

Planner 2:  Midori + Stand Diary

Best For: People who take work home with them

Layout: Monthly 

 Format: Dated

The + Stand Diary is a planner, journal, and desk calendar all in one. It’s perfect to use in your office but also to take home at the end of the day. Keep all your plans and project dates together in one portable book.

It features a durable hardcover with an elastic band enclosure and coils to make flipping month to month easy. The + Stand Diary is super versatile and can be used for more than a planner like a  cookbook, sketchbook, calendar, to-do list, and more.

Midori + Stand Diary 

Planner 3: Mark + Fold 2022 Diary


Best For: People who enjoy writing

Layout: Monthly 

Format: Dated

Mark + Fold are a known darling to all stationery connoisseurs, famous for their high-quality 120gsm paper and thread-sewn notebooks. They’ve created space on each page, working toward an openly functional – yet non-prescriptive take on daily organization. Allowing you to creatively fill the space in your own way. 

Each batch is individually hand-wrapped and numbered in pencil. Sections are thread sewn and attached using a cold glue method, creating a robust and sturdy journal. The cover, made from used plastic bottles to maintain a high level of sustainability. 

Planner 4:  Midori Paint Journal


Best For: People described creative thinkers

Length: One year

Layout: Monthly 

Format: Dated

The 2022 Midori Paint Diary is a sophisticated, versatile planner for creatives. It includes practical details for tracking your year, starting with two different year-at-a-glance spreads. The calendar composition is clean and customizable, with outlined numerals and circles that you can fill in or colour-code to fit your style and schedule preferences. Pages of gridded paper for freeform notes and sketches are included in the back of the book

A built-in zippered pen pouch folds out from the back cover, so you can keep pens, markers, and embellishments like stickers with you for whenever creativity strikes! The textured cover is made from vegan materials making it strong and flexible.

The planner features special heavy MD paper, added specifically for the 2022 version. The new paper can be used with pens, stamps, markers and ink. Created to be bleed-resistant, you can even do light watercolour work on this paper.

This diary is as versatile as its user, customize as much or as little as it suits you, and most importantly - enjoy the process from cover to cover.

Midori Paint Journal 

Planner 5: Midori Double Schedule


Best For: People with multiple schedules

Length: One year

Layout: Monthly  

Format: Dated

The B6 Double Schedule Planner from Midori makes it easy to juggle 2 separate schedules. Colour-coded monthly blocks, in red and gray are found on each page. Red pages can be used for work appointments and meetings while gray pages are used for family events or non-work obligations. You can sort and manage different daily schedules with each colour, with minimal confusion and all in one planner.

This planner features Midori’s “magic index” that changes which pages open as you flip through the book! Hold your finger on the red tab for the red calendar pages and the gray tab for the gray pages. If you need a whole month’s view of both the red and gray, hold the white tabs in between so both red and grey pages alternate. A PVC cover protector makes the scheduler durable to take on the go and a bookmark ribbon makes sure you never lose your place.

Midori Double Schedule

Stay organized this upcoming year, and make sure your planner fits your personal style, schedule, and