Dining Al Fresco

We count down the days each year until the sun extends its daily stay to keep the evening air warm late enough to enjoy a meal outside. At our home on the prairies, we sometimes see brilliantly beautiful days in May – but often these gems are one-offs and don’t happen with any sort of regularity until June. 

But the day it arrives, you can find us enjoying our dinners in parks, on our patios, and anywhere else we can enjoy the fresh air. There’s just something about feeling the sun shine on your face as you take a sip of wine or a big bite of food that makes it taste even better.

Our key to making your outdoor dining experience even more enjoyable? Keep the meal, and transporting all the components and accessories, as simple as possible. We like to lean into dishes that taste just as good warm as they do cold and take advantage of seasonal vegetables – Manitoba tomatoes in the summer are just the best. We also rely on pieces like the Ferm toolbox to help us bring all our goodies into the fresh air from our homes in one quick trip, because our time is much better spent relaxing outside than making trip after trip to set everything up. 

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