Ateliers Penelope

Rond (Red)

$170 CAD

A cute shoulder bag with a small and plump atmosphere that makes use of the supple texture of high-quality linen herringbone. The shoulder of the limited production model has been resized and reprinted to be slightly longer than the old model. You can enjoy it in your favorite style, hand-held, shoulder, or sash.

It has two pockets inside. When shortening the shoulder and using it, the tip can be fixed with a hook at the base like a ring. It has a zipper on the mouth.

The zipper has a leather puller.
Red/Leather handle: Brown
Natural/Leather handle: Light brown
Black/Leather handle: Black

H26cm x W26cm x D20cm
Handle length/Approx. 25-75cm (Width 4cm)

Made in Japan

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