Biglow Woodcraft

Magnet Sticks


The Magnet Sticks by Biglow Woodcraft work like magic! These are perfect for hanging your photos of loved ones, your favourite art prints, or written recipes.

The Magnet Sticks work by sticking together and clamping your paper goods between the front and back sticks. You can hang them with the included leather cord, or use the screw holes and mount them for the ultimate display of clean, minimalist expression. An instructions manual is included in each set.

Each set includes 2 pairs, 4 sticks in total. The 2 pairs can be used together or stuck on a metal surface and used separately.

All magnet sticks are sustainably made from Roasted, a species derived from a new technique where the Ash is baked, burning the sugars in the wood and producing a rich, Teak-like appearance. Shaped, sanded and properly finished with a rich and durable wax-oil compound, following a strict manufacturing process embedded with over a decade of fine woodworking knowhow.


25.3 x 2.2 x 0.8 cm

Handmade carefully in Winnipeg, Manitoba


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