Jibun Techo BIZ Diary 2022 B6 Slim Beige

$45 CAD

The Jibun BIZ consists of three separate booklets: a 2022 Diary for planning out schedules and to-do lists, a LIFE booklet for more notable and permanent noting, finally an IDEA booklet for free-writing and thinking. The three booklets are open for free use, while enabling a writer to create structure and organization within their scheduled lives.

This Biz Diary features: 

  • Thin premium MIO paper.
  • A 2-page spread for weekly use, with additional spaces let you record your daily rituals.
  • Monthly calendars for December 2021 through March 2023.
  • Additional sections, featuring a world time zone map, Japanese transit maps, yearly schedules, project management charts, and checklists for books, movies, promises, and recommendations.
  • Modest, simplistic design.
  • Lay-flat binding.
  • Two ribbon bookmarks.

Notes: The Jibun Techo booklets are primarily written in Japanese, but this does not affect the use of the diary. Section headers, months, and days of the week are all provided in English.

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