2022 Paint Dairy A5 - Red

$45 CAD

Midori Paint Diary 2022 is a sophisticated, versatile planner for creative thinkers. The textured cover is strong and flexible, made from a vegan material. Flexibility allows the notebook to open flat to any page. A built-in zippered pen pouch folds out from the back cover, so you can keep pens, markers, and embellishments with your planner as you need them. The Diary is finished with a deep brown band and gold fastener to hold the cover shut.

Inside Paint Diary is a special, heavy MD paper added specifically for the 2022 version. This new paper stock can be used with pens, stamps, markers and ink. Created to be much more bleed-resistant than standard planner paper you can even do a light watercolour work on this paper.

Paint Diary 2022 also includes lots of practical details for tracking your 2022, starting with two different year-at-a-glance spreads. accompanied by two-page calendar spreads for each month from October 2021 through January 2023. The calendar composition is clean and customizable, with outlined numerals and circles that you can fill in or colour-code to your liking and style.

With playful designs that help you organize a year of experiences and a two-page habit tracker has space to record your progress toward twelve personal goals. Lastly, there are 32 pages of gridded paper for freeform notes and sketches.

This diary is as versatile as its user, customize as much or as little as it suits you, and most importantly - enjoy the process from cover to cover.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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