2022 Graduation Diary Daylight Hours B6 - Pink

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This journal is quite special in its influences from the ebb & flow of the sun and moon in our day-to-day lives. Maintain your habitual journalling with added awareness of the environment surrounding you.

We recommend this appointment-style planner if you like scheduling minute happenings of your day with the reminder to slow down, and watch a sunset every once in a while.

On the weekly pages, you can see the gradation of daylight of each day, plan your schedule based on morning, day time and night fall.

24-hour ruled spaces allow you keep track of meetings, zoom calls, classes or appointments, and scheduled workouts.

The seasonal, or monthly pages allow you to track moon phases and seasonal changes throughout the year with the seasonal notes at the end of the planner.

The Basics

  • 2 year year-at-a-glance calendar
  • 2022 yearly plan
  • Monthly view (October 2021-January 2023)
  • Weekly appointment-style view (December 2021-January 2023)
  • 9 blank lined pages.
  • Front and back vinyl slip pockets
  • 2 string bookmarks
  • Pen holder
  • B6 size (7” x 5” or 188mm x 132mm)

Monthly View

  • 2 page spread per month
  • Upcoming month-at-a-glance
  • 25 lines of free space for to-do lists
  • Free memo space
  • Monday start
  • Moon phases for each day*
  • Numbered weeks and days
  • Months organized by tab, with weekly spreads grouped together

Weekly View

  • 2 page spread per week
  • Vertical appointment style in 24 hour format, starting at 4am and ending at 4am the next day.
  • Daily daylight plan represented in ombre gradiation (pink for dawn, white for daylight, and blue for sunset)
  • Daily moon phases
  • Monday start
  • 21 lines of to-do space
  • Current month-at-a-glance
  • Numbered weeks and days
  • Sundays and Japanese holidays listed in red

* Please Note: This is a non-international, Japanese-version planner. Moon phases may be one day ahead of your local time, and, most importantly, it's worth knowing that Japan does not observe Daylight Savings Time. Customers find these differences largely unobtrusive in the planner's overall functionality.

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